Cloud Services

Always have secure access to your organizations resources for you and your employees. From any device, anytime and anywhere.


We provide our clients with tailor made on-premise and hybrid IT & IoT infrastructures according to their needs.


We deliver on-premise, virtual and mobile workspaces so your organization is always productive. Centralized device management for access control and security policies.

Full Service

Visionit’s Next-Gen monitoring system checks your backups, detects anomalies and gives you detailed insights in performance, security and access.  With a Visionit SLA our 24/7 service desk is always stand-by to service you.


We offer smart redundant backup solutions to make sure you are always back on track as soon as possible. From mobile devices to workstations and servers. And everything in between.

Networking & Connectivity

Our network experts deliver safe and secure infrastructures and make sure you and your organization is always connected.

Internet of Things

Innovation-driven (Industrial) IoT solutions to help your business get to the next level in the 4th industrial age.

VoIP & Communications

Modern day businesses rely on swift and reliable communication. Visionit implements state of the art VoIP solutions and collaboration systems like Microsoft Teams.


We provide smart solutions to optimize complex processes within your organization.

Fully serviced and integrated IT

Your infrastructure, digital resources, mobile devices and applications seamlessly integrated and secured. Have a piece of mind with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) from Visionit and let our team of experts provide you with premium support. 27/4.

Together we determine the risk strategy and make sure your employees are back on track as soon as possible when a calamity occurs. Your infrastructure is being proactively monitored so we can act fast and minimize downtime.